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Better safe than sorry: Sigma to help your business

The Sigma program

Scientists from the English University of Hertfordshire managed to prove that an average person lies from two to three times a day. Moreover, we are talking about common, everyday lies. When holding business negotiations, people tend to lie much more often: about delivery dates, production capacity, personnel qualifications, payment procedures, and other details that are extremely important for the future business interaction.

Is it possible to know for sure that a person is telling the truth

When hiring a new employee for a responsible position or entering into an important business agreement, many businesspeople still rely just on their instinct and intuition, not knowing that modern technologies make it possible to precisely assess your counterpart’s honesty and true intentions.

For example, for a long time the banking sector has been using software methods for assessing clients. Cameras read the facial and neck muscle movements, which are even invisible to the eye, and neural networks compare the obtained information with a database, thus determining the emotional state of a person. This makes it possible to reduce risks and avoid working with clients whose behavior is assessed as alarming.

However, to conduct business negotiations or assess the qualifications and reliability of potential or existing partners and employees, one requires a more balanced approach. This is where qualified psychologists, physiognomists, and rhetoricians work together with the neural networks.

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How Sigma works

The Backdoor Security Consulting specialists have successfully tested and implemented a fundamentally new tool that makes it possible for the company executives to avoid unwanted mistakes — Sigma.*

* — Sigma is the most common throwing index for random values as respects to their mathematical expectation. In other words, Sigma is the standard deviation in probability theory.

Sigma by Backdoor Security Consulting is a set of measures aimed at predicting human behavior under the given circumstances. For example, when conducting negotiation and other business processes. Predicting human behavior includes a number of particular areas:

  1. Psychology. Human behavior is studied for psychological deviations that indicate certain risks.
  2. Physiognomy. The Backdoor Security Consulting specialists study the subject’s facial expression for hidden feelings and emotions, which makes it possible to notice lies and insincerity, as well as fear, anger, and other feelings.
  3. Rhetoric. Additionally, specialists observe what and how the subject says. The voice can give out a person’s true intentions and emotional condition

Of course, with a particular effort, one can learn to control one’s facial or voice expression. However, it is almost impossible keep all the three areas under constant control. Sooner or later, true intentions, feelings, and emotions will leak through somewhere.

As far as Sigma is concerned, neural networks complement the work done by the specialists. If a physiognomist or psychologist can get distracted, make a mistake, or miss an important reaction, the program detects most of the signs that indicate insincerity of the opponent, even the subtlest ones.

Can run, but can’t hide

Sigma is a set of compiled analytical tests for a complex assessment of the psychical and emotional state of an individual based on behavioral characteristics, considering anthropogenic information obtained in the process of communication and adaptation.

By studying particular behavioral indicators with electronic neural networks and complementing the obtained information with expert opinion, Backdoor Security Consulting can detect any signs of suspicious behavior with a high degree of probability and assess the overall emotional state of a person.

All you need to do to launch Sigma is to provide Backdoor Security Consulting with the required materials. No live presence of the Backdoor Security Consulting specialists is required at negotiations. Although, visiting the customer is possible in exceptional cases.

Research results are strictly confidential and are provided to the client in writing, with the copies being destroyed.

Sigma makes it possible to:

  • gain an advantage when holding prolong business negotiations;
  • examine a new employee or partner;
  • to work out the right interaction tactics;
  • predict a certain person’s behavior in a particular situation;
  • avoid financial and reputational losses.

Sigma makes it possible to reduce financial and reputational risks by assessing a person’s true intentions as for the time of research and predicting his or her reactions to stressful and other situations in the future. However, it is important to keep in mind that the research results provided by Backdoor Security Consulting are of advisory nature only and should be used by the client at his discretion.

Additional research

Backdoor Security Consulting offers its clients a variety of efficient tools for doing business. When holing prolonged negotiations or feeling uncertain about a business partner, you can use not only Sigma, but competitive or marketing intelligence as well to collect comprehensive information about activities of your partners and competitors, then working out an optimal development strategy.

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