Backdoor Security Consulting applies non-obvious methods to solve uncommon tasks.

Internal and external investigations

Internal and external investigations

Unethical practices of the employees often impair severe damage to the business. The problem is as old as the sea, but with the personnel rotation, deficiencies, kickbacks, and other illegal schemes used by the employees for the personal enrichment at the expense of the company’s resources are discovered over and over again.

Obvious and incredible

In some cases, misappropriation or sabotage is obvious. For example, when appointment of a new employee triggers arrears and a decrease in the work pace. However, sometimes it may also happen that a business keeps suffering losses for years through the fault of a dishonest person without even noticing it.

It is important to keep in mind that not only assets, but important information about the company’s activities can be subject to misappropriation as well. For example, client databases or information on financial transactions. Conducting internal and external investigation will help you to cast off illusions and discover the real situation.

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Autonomous investigation

When starting an investigation, one should precisely determine its object. That is, to understand what or who is the suspect. Then, you should collect all the information that is directly and indirectly related to the investigation object. When collecting the data, it is important to double-check reliability of the information received to avoid mistakes.

After that, the obtained data is analyzed, which makes it possible to prove or disprove the suspicions with particular degree of certainty. This is the maximum that the company without any internal security service can do when conducting an autonomous investigation.

It can be difficult to conduct autonomous internal and external investigations. And if it goes about the coordinated actions of a group of accomplices, all those involved will make everything possible to conceal the crimes committed. This will further complicate the task.

Moreover, an open investigation can destroy relationships within the team and damage the manager’s public image. Therefore, one should act under cover. And it is recommended involving outside specialists in the investigation.

An outside man

Backdoor Security Consulting offers complex and independent performance of external and internal investigation that makes it possible not only to clarify a particular situation, but to detect all the potentially unreliable employees as well. And simultaneously detect other facts of misapplication and sabotage, if any.

Here’s how the investigation is held:

  1. Information collection and analysis. Backdoor Security Consulting specialists collect the maximum available amount of information from all open sources, analyze it and offer an expert opinion that enables you to determine the degree of a person’s fault rather precisely. The process involves studying not only internal and external documentation of the company, but the employees’ accounts in social networks, their digital footprint and behavioral characteristics that indirectly prove the fact of committing the crime.
  2. After that, specialists detect all the people potentially related to committing the crime. Should the need arise, a Backdoor Security Consulting employee penetrates into the team and conducts additional investigation, detecting non-obvious internal links, hierarchy, and all the potential participants of criminal activity.
  3. Then, particular methods of committing criminal activities is detected and compiled, describing how and in what order the criminal acts are committed or were committed.
  4. During the investigation, specialists collect tangible evidence of particular crimes: audio and video recordings, documents, and other data.
  5. Upon completion, the bulk of information is collected, summarized, and handed to the customer, along with the expert opinion about relation of certain individuals to the object of investigation.

The work is conducted subtly and under cover, so that not to impair any damage to the employees’ motivation and the company manager’s reputation. Backdoor Security Consulting employees operate under cover and not only raise no suspicion but also use special techniques of wriggling into the team’s favor, which allows them to act on a completely different level. All the obtained information is handed to the customer in a single copy, with all the working copies being destroyed.

Should the need arise, the results can be used to appeal to the court or the prosecutor’s office, since the investigation makes it possible to collect full-fledged evidence and proofs that have full force and effect.

How to protect yourself in the future

Of course, experience of detecting unscrupulous employees is a tough challenge for business owners. One would prefer to face as few such situations as possible in the future. With this purpose, Backdoor Security Consulting offers additional services:

  • Sigma program, which implies checking the team with a unique proprietary technique using neural networks, as well as advice from specialists in psychology, rhetoric, and physiognomy. This will make it possible to determine the degree of employees’ trustworthiness and loyalty.
  • Compiling recommendations on installation of surveillance systems for collecting and analyzing information in advance and searching for potential leakages.
  • Recommendations on conducting administrative and financial control.
  • Training managers and key employees on the basics of information security, allowing them to detect potential sources of threat at an early stage.

By bringing specialists from Backdoor Security Consulting, a business owner gets an opportunity to collect as much information and evidence as possible without participating in this process directly. By timely conducting external and internal investigations, you can significantly reduce unplanned losses and gain confidence in the information and asset security of the company.

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