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Performing counter-measures (counterintelligence)

Performing counter-measures

The business world borrowed many definitions from military life. For example, the “counterintelligence” Initially, the “counterintelligence” term was used by the military men referring to measures taken to counter espionage and sabotage by a potential enemy. In business, counterintelligence involves measures to counter industrial espionage, sabotage, and internal diversions.

Undercover agent

There are legal and illegal methods of competition. Legal methods include auditing, competitive and marketing intelligence, price wars, business process optimization, and other measures that don’t violate the law. The illegal ones include industrial espionage, hostile takeovers, willful damage, and stealing commercially confidential equipment and software.

Illegal methods of competition can be performed both from outside and within the company, by penetrated or recruited agents. Being relatively cheap the employer, a hostile agent within the company can impart it much more damage than all the legal competition measures together.

Therefore, penetrating undercover agents is a rather common method in modern business. Introducing a set of measures aimed at countering the efficient operation of the company, such an agent can:

  1. Influence and recruit other employees.
  2. Damage hardware and software.
  3. Hinder existing business processes.
  4. Steal commercially confidential technology and information.
  5. Deliberately damage products or raw materials.

This is only a small part of what an enemy agent can do in the company. Sometimes his activities are not so obvious. For years, a spy can create a negative image of the company among suppliers and customers, gradually reducing its turnover and increasing the number of troublesome and unprofitable deals.

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Find the mole

It is important to keep in mind that an undercover agent will try not to attract unnecessary attention and may even gain the management’s trust. It is almost impossible to detect such an agent without special knowledge and experience. Moreover, by searching for a spy by yourself, you can negatively affect the situation within the team.

In such a case, it is recommended contacting the Backdoor Security Consulting specialists. Employees of Backdoor Security Consulting possess many years of experience in countering business saboteurs and spies. Our methods make it possible to detect an active agent gently and precisely among the company’s personnel or in the immediate circle of employees and business executives.

Here, neutrality, experience and independence of the Backdoor Security Consulting experts play an important role. Looking at the real situation from the outside, it is much easier to find potential points of information leakage to conduct further thorough analysis and detect a traitor.

The performed counter-measures include:

  • penetration into the company’s staff under cover;
  • collection and analysis of information from all available sources;
  • detection of non-obvious relationships in the team;
  • unbiased checking and assessment of personnel;
  • analysis of the employees’ motivation and real attitude;
  • working with software and hardware;
  • developing complex measures to counter information leakages and diversions.

All activities are performed within a pre-agreed plan. The work is carried out unnoticed for the team, so as not to damage the management’s reputation and not to spread panic among employees.

Successful counter-measures against industrial espionage

Based on the research results, the client is provided with a detailed report on the real situation in the company, indicating the troublesome and non-obvious places hindering business development.

If a saboteur or a spy is detected, the work is continued until a sufficient amount of evidence is collected to prove his or her guilt for sure. With subsequently handing the collected evidence to the client.

All activities are performed subtly and discreetly, without violating the enterprise operations. Should the need arise, a set of additional counterintelligence measures is developed aimed at working with the detected agent.

Employees of Backdoor Security Consulting are also capable of ensuring information security and protection of commercially confidential information.

Anonymity and quality

Prior to working with a client, a non-disclosure agreement is signed that guarantees protection of the received information and commercial secrets. The fact of cooperation with Backdoor Security Consulting is confidential as well.

The information collected is provided to the customer in a convenient form, with copies and working materials being destroyed. An additional set of measures including legitimate competition measures, such as marketing and competitive intelligence, will help your business to keep and expand its market influence.

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