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Countering industrial espionage

Countering industrial espionage

Unlike competitive intelligence methods, industrial espionage directly violates the legal and ethical norms. The key aim of industrial espionage is to gain a competitive advantage by stealing and copying unique industrial technologies. This implies illegally obtaining and then revealing or using information that is commercially confidential.

Advantages lost

The damage caused by industrial espionage implies access that an unscrupulous competitor gains to technologies and innovations that have taken a lot of resources to develop. Thus, completely devaluing the efforts spent and depriving the company of the leading position on the market.

Secret information can cause more damage than stolen property. Since a disclosed business secret inevitably results in:

  • deteriorating competitiveness;
  • reduction of the company’s influence on the market;
  • lower profits;
  • the funds spent on developing the stolen technologies being lost;
  • decreasing profitability.

As a result of a data leak, the company will not be able to produce anything other than losses. This means that after a while it will inevitably have to be eliminated. Or spend new efforts to create unique technologies to replace the lost ones.

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Methods of industrial espionage

The objects of theft may include the company’s unique developments, technical innovations, inventions, innovative approaches, ideas, and financial indicators. The thieves may also be interested in the strategy and tactics of further development of the organization.

Below are just some of the ways to get illegal access to the information containing commercial secrets:

  1. Offering bribery or blackmailing an employee who has access to confidential information aimed at obtaining it.
  2. Hacking the company’s database or physical theft of data storage devices, as well as equipment models.
  3. Penetrating into the organization’s structure as an employee or partner to get access to the information.
  4. Wiretapping and surveillance using cutting-edge technical means of collecting information.

With the advent of the Internet and social networks, the potential of bribing and blackmailing employees has reached an absolutely new level. Nowadays, it is much easier to track social connections and places where a person works and spends leisure time, and then recruit or bribe the employee, or gain his or her trust. This means that competitors can and will definitely use this situation for getting profit.

It also should be mentioned that competitive intelligence can successfully replace the tools of industrial espionage. But the case is that not all executives are aware of this legitimate method of obtaining information. Therefore, industrial espionage remains quite common and popular business method.

Searching for a spy professionally

One of the Backdoor Security Consulting activity fields is providing services to counter industrial espionage. The fact is that it is almost impossible to detect a spy in the team by yourself. Over time, the owners and executives get tunnel vision. Moreover, the spy will intentionally do everything possible to ease into confidence and throw off unwanted suspicions.

In that case, only an independent professional view of the situation, as well as application of special technologies may help to detect a spy and counteract his actions. Professionals will be able to find the information leakage even by insignificant signs, while a person unfamiliar with spy games won’t be able to notice anything strange at all.

If the owner of the company has even the slightest suspicion of information leakage, it is recommended contacting the specialists from Backdoor Security Consulting immediately to prove or disprove these concerns as soon as possible. Remember: as long as the secret information is not revealed, there are still chances to take the necessary countermeasures. As well as to take precautions to avoid such situations in the future.

The essential principles of the Backdoor Security Consulting specialists’ work include:

  1. Thorough checking of the company’s employees, including detection and identification of any suspicious activities.
  2. Prompt and accurate detection of suspicious and strange cases.
  3. Revealing the factors that indirectly indicate the presence of a spy.
  4. Application of modern equipment to ensure the client’s information security.
  5. Checking the existing software and installing the upgraded one.

By contacting Backdoor Security Consulting, you will be able to avoid leakages of official and commercial secrets, to protect the company from unscrupulous market participants, falling profitability and potential bankruptcy.

Check results

If any suspicious activity is detected, the object is put under intense surveillance, after which the information will be proven or disproven. Then, there is a number of probable scenarios for further situation development: the spy conversion, providing him with misleading information, criminal prosecution of the performer and the customer.

It is recommended performing a single anti-espionage checking of the current employees and ongoing examination of newly employed ones.

By turning to the Backdoor Security Consulting specialists, you will get absolute confidence in your team and will feel completely secure about the future situation. And by using such tools as competitive and marketing intelligence, you can gain an additional competitive advantage, acting strictly within the law. Stick to the right way of development together with Backdoor Security Consulting.

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