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Competitive intelligence — information collection and processing

Competitive intelligence

Information rules the world. By being aware of the actual situation, you can gain a competitive advantage, increase your market share, and expand the sphere of influence. As well as to save what you have already achieved and learn about your competitors’ plans in advance. The businesses can’t do without competitive intelligence, since really important information is always kept secret. However, it is important to be careful when conducting intelligence, keeping a low profile and not giving yourself away.

Competitive intelligence by Backdoor Security Consulting guarantees customer’s anonymity when collecting information. The obtained data reduces risks occurred when concluding deals, demonstrating other players’ strong and weak points.

This promotes faster development of your business and achievement of your goals. Discover business qualities of your partners, employees, or competitors. Such information is collected from publicly available sources, as well as using Backdoor Security Consulting’s own channels and contacts. Within the strict framework of the applicable legislation.

How the technology works

Competitive intelligence consists of collecting all available information about people and companies from the field of interest. And consequent analysis of the obtained information aimed at understanding the environments and benefiting from the situation.

The procedure:

  1. Planning and focusing. Task specification. At this stage, the main fields of work, key partners and competitors are specified. As well as market segments that produce the strongest influence on the company.
  2. Collecting and obtaining initial information. Includes working with publicly available sources and indirect information.
  3. In-depth data collection. directions for more thorough analysis are specified based on the collection of initial information.
  4. Processing, analysis, and synthesis of the obtained information. Drawing up a transparent and comprehensible report on the actual situation.
  5. Presentation of conclusions and recommendations. It is also possible to develop a program of further activities and provide assistance in its implementation.

Competitive intelligence specialists work with intelligence information, which is the most expensive and risky to obtain. As well as with expert opinions, choosing the right experts and specifying the subjectivity/objectivity ratio in the expert opinion.

To collect information, Backdoor Security Consulting uses proprietary methods and its own channels for obtaining information. Checking both competitors and partners. Summarizing the investigation results, a detailed report is drawn up that explicitly points at potential threat sources. Being aware of the risks, you can prevent or reduce them.

The investigation also identifies probability of causing material or physical damage to management and employees, including their family members. Separately, the company draws up forecasts of organizations’ and individuals’ activities aimed at illegal acquisition or destruction of property.

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Tool set

Investigation by Backdoor Security Consulting reduces the risks of material, criminal, and production losses by:

  • providing information support of executive decision-making process;
  • offering an early-warning system that draws managers’ attention to potential threats;
  • identifying favorable conditions for tactical and strategical changes in the business;
  • anticipating customer outflow and dropping profit;
  • identifying backlogs and problems in business processes and production technologies;
  • searching for long-standing problems and growth points in the current market situation.

Competitive intelligence provides you with the information necessary for high-quality reformation of the company’s operations and production cycle. Thus, promoting your business development and stronger business contacts.

Protect yourself from dangerous deals

Don’t rush to sign a contract with a new partner – start with studying and analyzing the company’s activities and reputation thoroughly, so as not to put your own organization at risk.

The information collected and prepared by Backdoor Security Consulting will help you to get to know your potential partners better to establish business relations with them faster and of the highest quality. As well as to avoid dealing with fraudsters.

Reporting on the investigation results

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists will collect and analyze information, with subsequently providing the client with data on business activities, financial standing, and company owners. The reputation and business qualities of competing or partner companies’ management are checked separately.

Competing organizations do not always play it fair. But the company’s employees and even partners and customers can become a source of troubles as well. By obtaining the exhaustive information, you will know the right way to act in a particular situation.

Information is collected and analyzed by professionals. Backdoor Security Consulting Group ensures information security of your business by well-timed identification of unfair competition risks, as well as sources of potential danger.

The information collected in the course of competitive intelligence will become the key to successful development of your business.

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