Backdoor Security Consulting applies non-obvious methods to solve uncommon tasks.

Informational and analytical support of political movements, parties, and nonprofit organizations

Informational support of the parties

The democratic system grants adult citizens the right to participate in electing people representing interests of the electorate in government bodies. By default, those who’ve lost the elections undertake to accept and support the decisions of the candidates who’s won. This social contract is the roots of a democratic society.

However, the election process is the pinnacle of the democratic process and only one aspect of the daily political activities. Working with the electorate, implementing the adopted program, and protecting the citizens’ interests is a daily routine for any party, nonprofit organization, or political movement.

Political activities

To confidently win the elections, the party has to not only convey information about its political program to the voters, but also to keep monitoring the electorate’s attitude, finding and raising topical issues, and combat negative mood.

At the same time, it’s necessary to keep in mind that during political struggle, many competitors are ready to resort to any means to denigrate the opponent and attract the audience to their side.

There are numerous methods of political struggle, with every politician being familiar with them firsthand. All is fair when struggling for power That is why it is important to clearly understand not only your own goals and objectives, but also the surrounding situation around, the current agenda, and the bulk information.

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At home among strangers

There is no such thing as trust in politics. The entire international experience proves that you can’t be absolutely sure of anyone or anything. Especially when the political struggle is escalating: on a day preceding to debates and elections or adoption of an important law — when the political struggle goes into acute phases.

This is the period when politicians face betrayal, slander, propaganda, vote-buying, collusion, fake news, and other political tools aimed at kicking their opponents out. There is no one you can trust in politics. Even your own party members and comrades may get under pressure of money or compromising materials and betray their political interests.

At the same time, a political figure, leader of a movement or a party often feels an urgent need to act under cover, without telling anyone about personal plans. As well as to ensure access to important information without attracting unwanted attention.

Independent approach

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists are ready to provide unbiased support to leaders of political movements, parties, and nonprofit organizations. Acting within the law, without attracting unwanted attention and without giving the client away anyhow, Backdoor Security Consulting collects and analyzes all information related to the client’s request:

  1. Monitoring the bulk information. Tracking whether the leader and the party are mentioned in mass media, analyzing information on the Internet, and detecting conflict points with voters. Including on the day before and during the election process.
  2. Detecting the electorate’s key needs and finding potential ways to expand the audience.
  3. Detecting agents and provocateurs introduced by opponents, as well as unscrupulous party members and other potential sources that negatively affect the party representatives’ reputation and its ranking.
  4. Thoroughly searching and analyzing information about the political movement leader, finding potential weak points, and drawing up recommendations for eliminating or leveling them. Which deprives the rivals from the potential leverage opportunities.
  5. Party-related activities, collecting and analyzing incoming and outgoing information, tracking trends, and drawing up recommendations for building a public image.

These are just some of the tools that Backdoor Security Consulting can offer in this activity field. Over the years, Backdoor Security Consulting has built a strong team of professionals capable of solving uncommon tasks using non-obvious methods and performing strictly within the bounds of the law.

By understanding clearly what publicity has a party or an organization, by knowing the voters’ main pain, and by realizing who can become a potential threat to your activities, you can significantly strengthen your position and find your rivals’ weak points. And what’s even more important, to get a significant advantage and strengthen your position to gain a victory in a delicate political game.

Information security

A complex approach to information and analytical support may include other tools as well. For example, a thorough checking of political movement’ or public organization’ rivals. As well as studying loyalty and real intentions of the organization’s supporters or employees aimed at determining their trustworthiness.

When dealing with information and analytical support, experience and understanding of the political parties’ and social movements’ internal structure are important. Backdoor Security Consulting enjoys sufficient experience and qualifications to solve such tasks, while keeping the client anonymous. Acting accurately and prudently when necessary. It provides an additional advantage in the political struggle and eliminates potential problems in the future.

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