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Information business wars

Information business wars

Information wars remain one of the most common and efficient ways to compete in business. It implies using black marketing and PR technologies to create a negative image of a competing company. And by publishing paid and misleading reviews and information materials, the subject of attacks starts suffering from negative reputation in the information field and further in the business environment.

Damage to business

Information materials usually serve as missiles and are common means of attack in information business wars: articles, reviews, comments, news, and videos. As well as the means: the mass media and the Internet. Below are just some of the information weapon types:

  • misrepresentation of information;
  • deliberately false facts;
  • emotional presentation;
  • undertones and inner meaning;
  • use of manipulative techniques;
  • paid opinions and involvement of false experts.

For businesses, an information attack results in decreasing profits and lower brand loyalty. That lead to losing the key customers and deteriorating business reputation. Which may result in losing influence and even leaving the business completely.

Information business wars have become so widespread that a number of specialized tools have already been developed to combat this phenomenon. For example, SERM – search engine reputation management – for displacing unwanted information from search engine results.

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Importance of the moment

The capacity of the full-time marketing Department is not always enough to track negative publications about the company and counteract them. At the same time, it is worth noting that most satisfied customers never share their positive experience from working with the company. While negative reviews are posted on the Internet often.

Monitoring the media space

By searching and detecting informational provocations from competitors, one can directly influence one’s business development. Since the amount of negative information about the company and product published in the media space keeps changing, it is recommended entrusting its detection and elimination to highly-qualified specialists who possess all the necessary competencies.

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists perform three stages of activities aimed at countering information wars:

  1. Searching for and detecting information provocations. They include monitoring search engine results, social networks, and other sites on the Internet. As well as the mass media. Aiming at identifying and eliminating misleading and negative information about the company.
  2. Dealing with negative information. Includes selective requests to remove knowingly false and misleading information denigrating the company. As well as analysis of particular negative reviews aimed at detecting and eliminating the reasons for dissatisfaction.
  3. Creating a positive image of the company. It involves creating and promoting a positive image of the company, which helps to strengthen the brand’s positive business reputation and attract new clients.

At every stage, it is important not only to search for and eliminate negative information, but to monitor any fluctuations of the media space as well. And find evidence of particular individuals being involved in organized planned pejorative informational campaigns, if possible.

Balanced approach

It is not recommended performing such work autonomously, since the modern information wars imply using specialized tools and methods that are available to a limited circle of experts only.

Highly qualified experts and even specialized agencies are usually brought to blacken the competitors’ business reputation. It is almost impossible to personally resist the pressure of a well-organized negative attack. Such a struggle requires a significant amount of time and effort.

Counteracting a well-organized information campaign against your business is only possible by performing coordinated actions aimed at restoring a positive image and reputation. To eliminate negative information as quickly as possible, you will require a professional approach.

Efficient response

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists possess all the necessary software tools and competencies for performing prompt and well-coordinated work on the information battlefield.

With Backdoor Security Consulting, your business reputation is safe. Create your company’s image and manage it with the information war counteraction service by Backdoor Security Consulting.

And using such tools as competitive and marketing intelligence will make it possible to obtain additional competitive advantages, expand the market influence, and boost the company’s turnover.


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