Backdoor Security Consulting applies non-obvious methods to solve uncommon tasks.

Financial audit

Financial audit

Actual experience proves that one should entrust economic security issues related to information and analytical support to non-affiliated specialists to mitigate economic risks and provide additional protection measures. 

Backdoor Security Consulting offers a comprehensive and selective approach to identifying and eliminating any threats to business caused by the third parties’ activities: 

  • assessment of the business reputation and trustworthiness of the company’s potential and existing partners and contractors;
  • insider threat management by means of the proprietary Sigma program, which includes checking the company’s existing employees and new would-be employees;
  • determination of the actual location of debtors, hidden assets, and property;
  • countering hostile takeovers, protection of the company’s management and family members;
  • analytical, marketing and competitive intelligence aimed at optimizing and expanding the business.

Backdoor Security Consulting uses the proprietary practices for solving the above-listed issues. Including a uniform program for searching, processing, and analyzing information and data. Or the Sigma complex that makes it possible to analyze and make a model of the employees’, partners’, and competitors’ behavior.

By resorting to non-standard methods under the current legislation and using closed channels for searching information, Backdoor Security Consulting demonstrates really measurable results with the obvious practical advantages.

To obtain reliable information about the company’s financial standing and timely detect suspicious expenses, it is necessary to carry out financial audit on a regular basis, which includes checking and analyzing the organization’s financial statements and expenses. The audit includes checking financial transactions and makes it possible to timely detect uncontrolled account transaction.

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Preventive measure

By carrying out financial audit, one not only can find leakages in the company’s financial and material resources, but also to anticipate administrative, tax, economic, and legal risks related to wrong accounting and reporting.

By using financial audit one can objectively assess competence of the company’s employees, put the reports in order before tax audit, and prevent probable legal risks. Financial audit should also be carried out in case of changes in the company’s management, when preparing to attract investment, to buy or sell a business, amidst rising production costs and increasing accounts payable and receivable.

To ensure that the procedure is as transparent as possible, it is recommended to employ third-party specialists who have no personal interests in performing financial audit. The auditor must be professional, honest, and independent to ensure that the audit results are fair and transparent.

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists possess all the necessary competencies to carry out high-quality financial audit, as well as to provide a client with a range of auxiliary services, including checking the organization’s employees, countering industrial espionage, and analyzing the competitors’ activities.

Work stages

Before starting the audit procedure, the following preparation activities are performed: determining the work scope and timing, as well as drawing up the audit plan. Then, the active phase begins that includes collecting and processing of financial information.

Based on the financial audit results, specialists prepare an expert opinion in a single copy, with all working copies being destroyed. Thus, the customer becomes the sole recipient of the information. Should the need arise, the checking can be carried out under cover, so as not to cause an early reaction in the team and maintain the manager’s good reputation.

Additional checking

Sometimes, the financial audit reveals the cases of unfair practice, misappropriation and violations by the company’s employees. To prove or disprove arising suspicions, it is recommended to conduct an additional checking aimed at detecting unreliable employees and collecting the required evidence base confirming the fact of malicious actions.

The Sigma program by Backdoor Security Consulting can help in performing such an investigation. Within the program, Backdoor Security Consulting performs through checking of suspects by psychology, rhetoric, and physiognomy specialists, as well as by using self-learning neural networks to improve the expert opinion accuracy. Moreover, the specialists collect and analyze information about the object available from both open and closed information channels.

As a result, the client receives a detailed report that makes it possible to determine whether a particular employee acted for selfish motives and committed illegal actions. As well as obtains evidence of the crimes, which can be used both for internal proceedings and to recourse to the court. The investigation is conducted on condition of anonymity; the information is provided to the client in a single copy, with all the working copies being destroyed.

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