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Countering hostile takeovers

Countering hostile takeovers

News about hostile takeovers can be regularly heard in the media space. The hostile takeovers (also known as raider attacks) is widespread all over the globe. Generally, hostile takeovers are aimed at seizing the third parties’ assets by force. No one is immune to this type of property alienation. Therefore, it is important to prepare a certain activities program in advance, so as not to become a victim of raiders.

Types of hostile takeovers

Depending on the takeover methods, there are several categories of raider attacks:

  1. An illegal takeover by force. Relies on taking by surprise and brute force. An impulsive and weakest type of hostile takeover that can be countered by legal methods.
  2. A takeover backed up by documentary evidence. The average-level threat. It will require time and a team of lawyers to challenge the offered takeover justification.
  3. A legal takeover. Performed by judicial alienation of private property backed by certain documents, lawsuits, or claims on the part of the plaintiff. The most complex and well-thought-out type of takeover. To solve the situation requires, one requires to resort to lawyers’ services.

Moreover, one of the hostile takeovers’ main dangers and peculiarities is enforcement of decision-makers. This includes blackmail, bribery, enforcement, and other illegal coercion methods.

A property owner is usually taken by surprise by a hostile takeover. Giving in to panic or some arguments offered by the raiders, many business managers given in to the raiders and abandon their assets. However, one can avoid it by keeping cool and not trying to solve in on one’s own, but immediately start seeking help from Backdoor Security Consulting specialists.

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Signs of a takeover being prepared

Hostile takeovers are never performed without prior preparation. Before moving into the active phase, raiders study the object carefully, collect information, plan their activities and create a documentary base for decriminalizing the takeover.

You can use the following signs to detect that the company may become or has already become a victim of raiders

  • third parties are interested in the company’s activities, sending requests to the authorities, collecting information, and attempting to steal corporate information;
  • suspicious movement on the stock market, the increasing number of small-scale transactions, requests from investors to purchase the company’s share;
  • numerous checks by law enforcement and supervisory authorities;
  • legal procedures initiated against the company and employees;
  • criminal lawsuits, house-checks, and property seizures.

All this suggests that the raiders are actively preparing or have already started the hostile takeover. This means that you need to act right now to have time to prepare for the active phase.

Preventive measures

One can do the following to complicate the task for the raiders on one’s own: find and eliminate weaknesses that can be used for performing the takeover. Check the loyalty of employees and ensure that there are no conflicts within the team. Try not to dilute the company’s stocks. Check the key employees for potential points of influence: if a person has weaknesses that can be used – one should remove them from direct management. Monitor all the performed transactions, consult with lawyers, and monitor your business reputation. Follow information about the company in the media space.

Professional help

Quite often, full-time lawyers have no necessary motivation and experience to counter hostile takeovers. Fighting the raiders effectively raiders requires specific knowledge, so the best idea is to contact those who are qualified to conduct such cases. Backdoor Security Consulting specialists possess vast experience in countering hostile takeovers and provide protection for clients in two directions at once.

Physical protection

During a hostile takeover, it is important to keep cool and think clear. By providing physical protection of the client, Backdoor Security Consulting gives one an opportunity not to worry about oneself and beloved ones, so that one can focus on countering raiders.

Legal protection

Backdoor Security Consulting is responsible for protecting the client’s interests in court, solving legal issues with the authorities, as well as challenging orders and decisions issued. Gradually, step by step, the company’s lawyers seek a retrial of each particular episode and challenge all the fabricated documents.

Pragmatic approach

Once in the center of a hostile takeover, it is important to act correctly, coolly and within the legislation framework from the very first minute. Often, raiders try to ruin the victim’s emotional balance to provoke one to impulsive actions, which will then be used during the trial.

In this situation, one shouldn’t waste time and immediately contact Backdoor Security Consulting. The Backdoor Security Consulting employees will consistently review all the charges and actions taken by opponents in a calm environment and together with the client. Then, they will work out a step-by-step plan to counter the takeover and will start implementing it.

In most cases, this is enough to successfully counter the raiders. And to prevent the future takeover attempts, Backdoor Security Consulting can search for the initiators of such an attack and work out a set of protective measures to prevent such situations in the future.

Right actions on time

Unlike full-time employees, backdoor Security Consulting specialists have no personal interest. Acting professionally and carefully, they strive to provide the client with the highest possible level of protection.

Never try to negotiate with the raiders or give in to them! If you become the target of a hostile takeover, immediately contact Backdoor Security Consulting. This will give you an advantage and increase the chances to counter the attack successfully and save your assets.

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