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Anti-crisis consulting

Anti-crisis consulting

Economic crises have become an integral part of everyday life. Those who are doing business remember the crises of 1998, 2004, 2008, 2014, and 2020 well. And ahead, there are looming signs of 2021 crisis, evolving out of the global coronavirus pandemic consequences. Indicators related to the world currencies emission and decline in the real economy sectors clearly demonstrate severe problems to be faced in the future.

An ever-sinking ship

A pragmatic approach to doing business implies initially developing a strategy with a view to potential crises. For the capitalist economic model, crises are a common and predictable phenomenon. When developing, many companies generate a safety allowance that makes it possible for them to withstand economic challenges and treat a crisis as a development opportunity.

However, such situations as a global pandemic can do severe harm even to prepared companies. Anti-crisis consulting will help to assess losses, calculate potential risks, as well as work out an action plan for the force-majeure situations.

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A business floating ring

Anti-crisis consulting is a set of measures aimed at mobilizing the company’s resources, optimizing production and business processes, prioritizing arising tasks, as well as working out a strategy and tactics for overcoming a crisis situation with minimal casualties.

However, to make such measures really efficient, one needs to involve third-party specialists who have no personal interests, are unbiased and possess experience and qualifications sufficient for solving such problems.

A pragmatic approach to the situation

Backdoor Security Consulting offers its clients a well-balanced and professional approach to performing anti-crisis consulting, including the following measures:

  1. Inventory of property, debt and business liabilities of the company, and its financial standing. As well as reconciliation check of accounting records. The information collected makes it possible to pinpoint what resources the company possesses.
  2. Analysis of competitors and the market situation in general. It gives an idea of what you should focus on, and what can be temporarily suspended. By choosing right priority directions, the business will be able to ensure its relevance and survival under the crisis conditions.
  3. Optimization of the company’s business and production processes, interaction with personnel. Searching for suppliers that offer more favorable conditions, development of methods to get rid of inefficient and costly sectors by reducing their number or cost. Finding growth points and problem areas that require unnecessary expenditures. And subsequent development of recommendations on resource mobilization. Additionally, risks and efficiency of particular company’s projects are assessed.

Based on results of the activities performed, Backdoor Security Consulting works out a plan on business reorganization, dividing it into separate stages and specifying deadlines for their implementation. As well as financial recommendations and suggestions on restructuring the company’s asset base.

Additionally, Backdoor Security Consulting considers the possibility of restructuring the company’s paid-in capital and debts, works out on technical re-equipment of production and gives advice on joining investment platforms to attract third-party capital to support the business.

Besides, the possibility of receiving allowances and compensation from Federal and regional authorities is considered if there are legal grounds for such requests. And if there are no real ways out of the crisis situation, Backdoor Security Consulting works out a detailed plan on company liquidation and bankruptcy measures, which allows to minimize losses when performing this procedure.

Course adjustment

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists conduct thorough analysis of the current situation and provide the client with the most detailed report that makes it possible to minimize losses in a crisis situation and take all the possible measures to save the company during a crisis. And to strengthen the company’s position, if possible.

Among other things, Backdoor Security Consulting provides businesses with additional tools to boost efficiency, such as marketing intelligence, which makes it possible to assess the company’s relevance on the market. And interacting with personnel to identify unreliable and poorly working employees.

Anti-crisis consulting by Backdoor Security Consulting enables you to find as many opportunities to save and expand your business as possible even under unstable market conditions.

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