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Analytical business support

Analytical business support

Managing business processes means making decisions every day. However, if you’ve conducted insufficient research or failed to model consequences of your action, the result may be far from what you’ve expected. Indeed, when making key decisions, ill-considered actions can become fatal. Analytical business support makes it possible to significantly reduce the probability of making a wrong decision.

Importance of a well-balanced approach

Despite the fact that analysis plays the key role in business, many companies have no employed analysts, making decisions based on group discussion or relying on the managers’ intuition. Such an approach has severe drawbacks: looking at the situation from within, it is difficult to assess all the risks unbiasedly and consider an issue from all its aspects. For example, redundancies may seem reasonable under the current circumstances, but cause the company serious damage in the future.

In the western countries, analytical companies are separately classified and play an important role in business. Investors and western business owners are well aware of how expensive a mistake may be. Therefore, before making a decision, they always try to study all possible sides of the issue. Including by involving third-party analysts.

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Methods of analytical support

In Russia, analytical business support hasn’t become widespread yet. At the same time, many Russian company owners keep following the outdated business schemes. It is worth mentioning that under such conditions, application of analytical support grants a significant competitive advantage.

The events that took place in recent years have clearly demonstrated that the old schemes no longer work. In the modern world, the one who can offer the best product or service at the best price usually wins. Therefore, application of analytical support provides a qualitative advantage. Backdoor Security Consulting analysts have practically proven efficiency of this service by solving the following tasks:

  1. Production process optimization. Reducing time, money, and resource costs. In such situations, analytics makes it possible to assess not only the immediate, but the long-term consequences of decisions as well.
  2. Checking business processes, assessing efficiency of existing rules, applied technologies, and software. Reducing the time spent on particular operations and processes, which results in increased efficiency and lower product or service cost.
  3. Control of the staff qualification level and the work performance level, searching for internal conflicts within the team. Managers often don’t know what processes there are at the lower levels of the business chain: how applications are received and processed, what employees do, and whether their level and manners correspond to the company’s policy. It is important to keep in mind that lower-level employees are often the company’s face that directly influence the customer’s life cycle. Therefore, they deserve special attention.
  4. Conducting mystery shopper checks to assess the company’s service level. Results from the previous paragraph. These checks enable to assess the actual service level and take the necessary measures if necessary.
  5. Finding growth points. Business process analysis often enables to find painless ways to optimize work and production processes, disengaging resources for the company’s growth and development.
  6. Detecting weal points of the product or service. Shows possible ways to improve the product or service quality, which makes a positive impact on the company’s business reputation and sales increase.
  7. Analyzing potential of particular projects and products before they are launched or purchased; assessing risks and weak points of projects. When deciding on a deal or launching a new project, it is recommended having the maximum possible information scope available. Analytical business support makes it possible to study the issue thoroughly, assess potential risks and benefits, as well as to outline the decision consequences.
  8. Analyzing competitors’ strategy and forecasting the market situation development in case of certain actions are taken. Enables to adjust the company’s strategy, gain a competitive advantage, and strengthen the market position.

Conducting analytical activities makes it possible to timely adjust the company’s development strategy and tactics, quickly respond to changes on the market, detect and eliminate weak points, develop a product or service, as well as to control work processes within the company. At the same time, it is recommended performing analytical support on a regular basis to keep the company in good shape, as well as to timely monitor and eliminate all the negative processes that hinder the company’s growth and development.

Backdoor Security Consulting offers a comprehensive service for analytical business support. Our specialists possess hefty experience in solving such tasks and have all the the necessary competencies to do such work.

By turning to Backdoor Security Consulting, the client receives a comprehensive study of the issue, detailed analytical calculations and recommendations for developing further steps in each particular situation. As well as a high service level, responsible and balanced approach, and clear recommendations instead of vague wording.

Set of measures

Besides analytical support, Backdoor Security Consulting offers other services that contribute to high-quality business development. For example, carrying out marketing and competitive intelligence aimed at studying the market situation and detect competitors’ strategies. As well as anti-sabotage programs and employee or partner loyalty checks.

You should remember that by involving independent experts to analyze your decision consequences you get not only an additional protection measure, but an opportunity to find non-obvious and efficient solutions that have a serious impact on the business and make it possible to reach significant results in a short time frame.

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