Backdoor Security Consulting applies non-obvious methods to solve uncommon tasks.


Actual experience proves that one should entrust economic security issues related to information and analytical support to non-affiliated specialists to mitigate economic risks and provide additional protection measures.

Backdoor Security Consulting offers a comprehensive and selective approach to identifying and eliminating any threats to business caused by the third parties’ activities:

  • assessment of the business reputation and trustworthiness of the company’s potential and existing partners and contractors;
  • insider threat management by means of the proprietary Sigma program, which includes checking the company’s existing employees and new would-be employees;
  • determination of the actual location of debtors, hidden assets, and property;
  • countering hostile takeovers, protection of the company’s management and family members;
  • analytical, marketing and competitive intelligence aimed at optimizing and expanding the business.

Backdoor Security Consulting uses the proprietary practices for solving the above-listed issues. Such as a uniform program for searching, processing, and analyzing information and data. Or the Sigma complex that makes it possible to analyze and make a model of the employees’, partners’, and competitors’ behavior.

By resorting to non-standard methods under the current legislation and using closed channels for searching information, Backdoor Security Consulting demonstrates really measurable results with the obvious practical advantages.

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