Backdoor Security Consulting applies non-obvious methods to solve uncommon tasks.

About us

Backdoor Security Consulting applies non-obvious methods to solve uncommon tasks.
Efficiency, promptness, security, and accuracy are the underlying aspects of our work.

When working with contractors, Backdoor Security Consulting mitigates the risks, provides personnel security, and protects from hostile acts by ill-wishers, searches for and eliminates information leakages. The company carries out competitive and marketing intelligence, checking the partners, employees, and competitors aiming at upfront detection and prevention of actions that can do harm to organizations and individuals.

Due to specific character of the services provided, it is impossible to give particular examples, as well as to introduce certain specialists of Backdoor Security Consulting in public sources. Mentioning the company’s amin advantage should be enough — the highly qualified employees, with many of them being former employees of military and security agencies.

Backdoor Security Consulting applies unique proprietary methods and techniques that make it possible to precisely identify the roots of the problems and suggest efficient ways to neutralize them.

You can find the areas of Backdoor Security Consulting activities in the Services section.

How Backdoor Security Consulting works

Backdoor Security Consulting specialists have access to various levels of information arrays. Data is collected using specialized databases, Internet resources, mass media monitoring, as well as other sources.

After collection and background processing of the information, the data is consolidated and summarized. The obtained information is analyzed and provided in a form convenient for the customer – in full, without any conditions or restrictions. At the same time, all working copies are destroyed. Thus, the customer becomes the sole and absolute owner of the information collected.

The documents focus on basic information and corroborating evidence, so that the reports, recommendations, and conclusions by Backdoor Security Consulting offer the client a clear, complete, and unambiguous view on the existing situation.

Backdoor Security Consulting can perform its activities anonymously to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the team and preserve the managers’ and business owners’ reputation. The information collected in the course of investigations can be used as indisputable evidence of guilt of the persons in question, including in the court.